Lords Mobile logoAn award-winning Android game, Lords Mobile, is published and developed by IGG. A free-to-play game with in-app purchases has now more than 200 million players worldwide, as per according to official description on Google Play-Store. The game at Google Play Awards has won the title of “Best Competitive Game” living up to its name.

Players get to explore the magical lands of Lords Mobile that are in chaos as they are under the attack of different monsters and wily enemies. To defeat these monsters and enemies and to expand their kingdom’s territory players have to build the most powerful army of soldiers and heroes. The game has remarkable graphics and distinct features.


The game’s gameplay comprises of different game modes as following:

  • Player Versus Player (PVP): Players Versus Players mode’s battle is most remarkable. The most thrilling part of the game is that the players build their own army and develop their own bases. The goal of doing is to attack enemy bases and destroy them, which is usually done by players from their own kingdoms.
  • Kingdom Versus Kingdom (KVK): Kingdom Versus Kingdom mode is the one in which all servers are opened for the attack. On the provided kingdom map, several monsters and other world bosses appear which can be hunt down by players in order to get resources.

Few other modes include:

  • Hero Stages: Hero stages is the one in which players fight through stages using unique heroes and by completing these stages players can win new heroes and materials for hero equipment.
  • Colosseum: The Colosseum mode allows players to select five heroes of their own choices to fight against opponent’s preselected heroes. Games currency and gems are awarded to the winners based on their ranks.
  • Labyrinth: The Labyrinth mode allows players to challenge a boss to claim different resources and can result in winning a jackpot on Gems.
  • Kingdom Tycoon: Players use luck token to roll a dice and move ahead till they reach end of the map, this whole thing is totally lucked based. Players get various resources and in the end have a chance to win jackpot on Gems.


The game features over 45 characters known as Heroes and have their own skills, attributes and backgrounds. They are divided into several types depending on their characteristics like Intelligent, Strong and Agile. Players need to improve these characters according to the strategy of the game. These heroes are available by completing Hero Stages and available through in-game purchase bundles.

Being one of the top strategic games till date, the attacks and defenses requires some strategic-thinking and planning. The players should have knowledge about the heroes and when to take them in battle, what equipment should the hero wear. Also the players should be able to make quick decisions. This game is a lot of fun and a thrill for the players who enjoy the action games.

How to install for PC and Mac using Bluestacks


Lords Mobile for PC
Bluestacks logoLords Mobile is available to install on PC and Mac. You can use different emulator software to install the game. But the most trusted and recommended among them is BLUESTACKS. It is the safest alternate if you want to run android operations on Windows or Mac.

Following are the steps which are to be followed to install Lords Mobile:

  • Download BlueStacks from google and run the installer.
  • Go to desktop and open the installed app.
  • Go to the search bar after the app is installed.
  • In the bar type Lords Mobile and press Enter.
  • A new window pops up.
  • Press the install button and wait till the installation completes.
  • Open the game after the installation and enjoy it.

How to install on PC using Memu


Memu logoTo download a game you should always rely on some trustworthy emulator and MEMU is one of them. This game can be installed using other emulator software such as MEMU. Following are the steps you will have to follow if you want to download your game using MEMU:

  • Download the MEMU emulator from google.
  • Press the download button and wait.
  • Once downloaded, install the software.
  • Open the MEMU app from desktop.
  • Select your language as English and proceed.
  • Select English US or UK as keyboard layout and press Next.
  • This leads you to google play option and asks you to sign in.
  • Enter your email address and password to login.
  • In the search bar type “Lords Mobile” and press install to install the game.
  • Press open after installed, you’re ready to enjoy the game.

Lords Mobile for Android and iOS

Android logo

    • Is this game available for Android?

Yes, the game has been available for Android for quite much time and has become one of the top grossing apps on Google Play. Simply visit the App Store and click ‘Install’. Once installed you’re good to go!

    • Minimum version of Android required for the game?

The least version of Android required to play this game is 2.3 and later.

iOS logo

    • Is this game available for IOS?

Yes indeed this game is available for IOS and has one of the top grossers at the App Store.

    • Minimum version of IOS required for game?

This game can be played witch devices having IOS 7.0 and later.

    • Is the game available for XBOX?

No this game is not available for XBOX.

    • Is the game available for PS4?

Yes the game is available for PS4.

Chromecast logo

    • Is the game available on Chromecast?

No Lords Mobile is not available on Chromecast.

    • What is paid in the game?

Many in-app purchases are available in this game. These are there so that you can avail the premium features of the game. Some special items are available to the people who pay real time money. You can buy paid heroes and equipment which helps you during the battle.

Best Play Features of the game

Lords Mobile on PC

    1. FREE OF COST:

This game is free of cost as you can install it in your systems without paying anything. You can join millions of other players and enjoy the game without paying anything.

    1. SMALL SIZE:

This game takes only 226 MBs of your mobile’s space in case of android which is not too much as compared to other games that occupy up to several GBs of the mobile’s space.


Only real people play this game no robots or online bots can play the game.


This is a multiplayer game which connects different people across the globe, makes armies and organizes them in a match.


The game allows you to experience amazing 3D graphics and a new and attractive design while playing a strategic game. The backgrounds are amazingly designed and super attractive also the first impression of the game is really nice.


The video game offers you with amazing sound effects. The user experiences a thrill and enjoys these tracks. These audio sounds are somehow related to the real world so that the player experiences real world effects.


This game allows you to communicate in between the game and plan strategies with your team mates against your enemies.


The game runs smoothly on your mobiles as it is small in size. It does not heats your device and is rated 4.2/5 by the users.


Lords Mobile offers you a very friendly and easy to use interface. It uses easy controllers which allows the user to play the game with ease. They can also use the ‘Customized Menu’ to customize their controls.


Giant monsters and other world bosses are introduced in the game which makes it more thrilling and the players enjoy the game even more.

Alternatives ford Lords Mobile

Following are the games you can play alternative to Lords Mobile:

  • BOOM BEACH: Boom Beach is an online strategy game like lord mobiles in which the players attack the enemy bases to free enslaved islanders. A task force is created with players from all around the globe to fight with the enemies.
  • UNISON LEAGUE: In this game players team up with their friends release powerful attacks and take part in heated battles win weapons and equipment to improve the characters.
  • VIKINGS: WAR OF CLANS: Vikings is also an online game that is free and is published by Plarium. Players cooperate with each other and form a clan. The goal of the game is to capture place of power by making a clan, upgrading their heroes and attacking towns of other players.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we play the game in SOLO mode?
    Yes, the game can be played in solo mode as well as in clans.
  • Who is the developer of the game and when was the game created?
    This game is developed by IGG and the game was created on February 26 2016.
  • How much money does Lords Mobile make?
    Lords Mobile generates up to 50 million dollars a month.
  • Does Lords Mobile require internet?
    Yes, it is an online game and you need to be connected to a server in order to play the game you cannot play it offline.
  • How much space does the game take?
    This game takes 226 MBs of your mobile’s space which is very low as compared to PUBG that takes 2 GBs of the space.
  • What are the reviews of the game?
    A total of 4 million people have given their reviews about this game. The people have given it 4.2 stars out of 5 which is a good amount of stars given to any game.
  • What Awards has this game won?
    So far, Lords Mobile has won one title “Best Competitive Game” at Google Play Awards in 2016 and was nominated for “Best Multiplayer Game” in 2017. Moreover, Google also calls it “Android Excellence Game”.
  • Why is my game not being installed?
    If you are facing an issue installing the game it might be because of the poor internet connection try troubleshooting the issue by restarting your device if the issue prevails there might be insufficient space try making some space by deleting some files.
  • How many total characters are there?
    There are total of 45 characters called heroes. All of them have different personality traits and qualities players should call them in battle depending on their qualities.
  • How many modes are there for this game?
    There are different modes in which this game is played. Six of them are discussed above in this article.
  • What is the latest version of the game available?
    The latest version of the game available is 2.1.
  • How many players is Lord Mobile?
    It is a multiplayer game with more than 100 million people playing it worldwide.
  • Do I have to give Special App permissions to install the game?
    Yes, you might have to give special app permission like camera and microphones etc.
  • How do I leave a guild in Lords Mobile?
    If you want to leave a guild or team for any reason all you need to do is just go to your Guild or Team page scroll to the bottom of the page. There you can see a ‘Leave’ button that you can press. It will ask you for the confirmation and then you will be out of your team or guild.
  • How do I link my Lords Mobile account to Facebook?
    To link the Lords Mobile account with Facebook open the game on your phone, tap the gear to open the menu. Tap account, tap switch device, tap the link with Facebook by following the prompts log in to your Facebook account and link it to the game.
  • How can I protect my Turf?
    To protect your turf from an attack activate a shield. If your troops are not busy in any other tasks they will defend your turf. If your troops are busy gathering they will make their way back to the turf to defend them. To protect your turf use a random Relocater to move your turf to new and safer location. Move closer to the guildmates so they can protect you if any danger is there.